Chruch in Chhindwara MP and Christmas Celebration

Chruch in Chhindwara 

St.John's Church Chhindwara

St. John's Church Chhindwara

The first church in Chhindwara city was built by the British in 1862. There are three churches in the Chhindwara city, all three have an ancient history. The oldest church in the city is St. Mark's Church. It was built by the British authorities. 

This was followed by the construction of St. John's Church (ELC in MP) in Chhindwara city. Later its new building was constructed. Similarly, St. Francis Xavier Church was also built before the independence of the country. A few years ago, the new building of this church has also been constructed. According to experts, the British rule had aligned with Appasaheb Bhosle in Nagpur and started keeping his army. The Chhindwara region was also under the Bhosle kingdom, which led to the arrival of the British army here.
For the religious needs and prayers of the British officers, soldiers, the construction of the church was started in 1862 in Chhindwara. It is the first church in the city.

St. Mark Church-

This church is located near the bus stand of the Chhindwara city. Construction of St. Mark's Church began in the year 1862. At that time the cost of the construction of this church was Rs 12999. It was built to accommodate a capacity of 50 people.

St. John's Church-

St. John's Church near ELC on Nagpur Road in Chhindwara city was built about 130 years ago. Construction of the new building of St. John's Church began in 1975 and was completed in 1977.

St. Francis Xavier Church-

Construction of St. Francis Xavier Church started in the year 1984 at Khajri Road in Chhindwara city. The church was named in memory of St. Francis Xavier of Goa. The new building of the church was constructed in the year 1994-1995.

Christmas festival

There is a lot of excitement in the Christian society on the birthday of Lord Jesus on Christmas. The church of the area is specially decorated. The church is decorated with special lights. Tableaux are also decorated. In Chhindwara city, Christmas is celebrated with great pomp. The bell rings in the church and then the prayer begins. The message of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ is preached to all. Special Bible messages are recited. Special prayers are offered in the church. The candles are lit and the Lord Jesus is bowed. After that, everyone is greeted with a merry Christmas by embracing each other. Christmas songs are sung by playing instruments on Christmas day. There are various events in the church throughout the day. There is special enthusiasm among the youth including children to celebrate this festival. There is a fair-like atmosphere around the church. Special preparation is done in homes also. Especially, special enthusiasm for decorating the Christmas tree remains in everyone.


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