Ghogra Waterfall, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh

 Ghogra Waterfall, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh

Best waterfall near Chhindwara and Nagpur-

Ghogra Falls is one of the most attractive waterfalls in the Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh state. Many people visit this place to enjoy nature. Ghogra Falls is located in Ghogharikhapa village near Ridhora village on Pandhurna Road, 11 km from Sausar, either through Chhindwara district or through Nagpur district. This is a very beautiful and attractive waterfall. During the rainy season, there is greenery all around here and there is a lot of water in this waterfall.
The Ghogra Falls is formed in the Jam River. This is a very famous river in the Chhindwara district. The stream of water falling from the rocks in Ghogra falls captivates your mind. It is the most attractive waterfall in the Chhindwara district. The height of the Ghogra Falls is about 30 feet. Tourists can come here and do three sightseeing tours together. Due to this, they feel great pleasure. Here the mind gets infinite peace. This place is so delightful that tourists do not feel like going back after coming here.

The place is awesome, when you come here it seems that it is only a storage area of water from outside, but when you get closer it shows its vastness.

There are many stones here, through which water flows. The water here is not so clean. It is risky in the rainy season but feels very good. It is also slippery, so be careful.

This waterfall is after going from the right side of the main road, 2 km from Jam Savli. It has now become the most famous picnic spot. Ghogra Waterfall is a large waterfall with lots of huge stones where people do photography, take selfies, and have a lot of fun. The crowd is always there except on summer days. A check dam is built on top of this waterfall. It is only from this check dam that water comes to the waterfall. This waterfall looks very beautiful. There are big rocks here. The water flowing through these rocks looks very beautiful. You can do photography while standing on these rocks. If it is raining, do not go into these rocks, as it becomes slippery. The rest of the view here is very good and photography can be enjoyed by coming here.

Ghogra Falls is located about 3 km away from the world-famous Jamsavli Hanuman Temple. Whatever comes to the Jamsavli temple can easily come here. It is very easy to reach here due to being situated on the banks of the highway on the Jam River. Apart from this, at a distance of 7 km from here, there is Ardh Narishwar Jyotirlinga which comes under Mohgaon Haveli Nagar. You can also visit here. Here the ancient temple holds an important place from the tourist point of view. Apart from Madhya Pradesh, tourists from Maharashtra also come here.

 Best time to visit Ghogra Falls-

If you are specially coming to see the waterfall, then come during the rainy and cold season. You should not come here during summer because there is no water here in summer. You get to see an ample amount of water in the waterfall during the rainy and cold times.
          If you go on a picnic or visit Ghogra Waterfall during the rainy season, then you need to take special care. During the rainy season, the water in the river suddenly increases, and at the same time, the flow of water also increases. Meanwhile, if someone stays in the middle of the river or stays on the other side of the river, then it can also become a cause of trouble. We want you to enjoy this waterfall with your family members or friends to the fullest and do not get into any kind of trouble, so we also consider it our duty to give information about these things.

        There is a temple of Ghogra Mahadev near Ghogra Waterfall. The temple of Ghogra Mahadev is situated on the top hill near this waterfall. Whenever you go to visit Ghogra Waterfall with your family members or with your friends, then you can also go for the darshan of Ghogra Mahadev. This place will give you immense peace. You can see Ghogra Waterfall from Ghogra Mahadev.
You can get complete information about Ghoghra Mahadev by touching here--

Ghogra Waterfall
Category: Tourist attraction
Address: Ghogharikhapa, Madhya Pradesh
City: Chhindwara
State: Madhya Pradesh
Country: India

Some important things that you have to keep in mind-

There are no facilities available around the waterfall. So if you come here,
  •  Please bring your food if you do not plan to eat out.
  • You must also carry water bottles with you.
  • Do not go in summer season. Since it is an open area, we would advise you not to go during the summer days. The rays of the sun will burn you.
  • Do not take the old people to the waterfall and it would be better if you avoid taking the children.
  • Whenever you go to this place or anywhere, please do not spread dirt on that place, keep that place clean. It is your and all of us's responsibility.
  • You can easily reach this place in your vehicle. This waterfall is easily accessible.
We pray that your journey is pleasant and prosperous.

How to reach Ghogra Waterfall-

* Ghogra Falls is located on Pandhurna Road, 65 km from the district headquarters Chhindwara, via Sausar.
* Ghogra Falls has located 70 km from the district head quarters Nagpur.
* Ghogra Falls has located 116 km from Betul.
* Ghogra Falls has located 31 km from Padhurna.

Jam River-

Jam River is a river originating in the Betul district of Madhya Pradesh state located in the middle of India. It flows through many villages and towns during its short period, and finally joins the Kanhan River. This confluence of rivers takes place on the border of two states Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Kanhan river originates from the mountains of Satpura mountain range in Damua Junnardev block of Chhindwara district. Later it joins the Vainganga River. Gotmar fair is also organized every year on the Jam river. In this, stones are pelted from one village to another. It is held in Pandhurna. An important and ambitious water project has been proposed to build a dam on this river. With the construction of a dam on this, water will be supplied to many villages and a sufficient amount of water will be available throughout the year for irrigation in agricultural works.

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