Chamatkarik Shri Hanuman Mandir, Jamsavli, Sausar, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh

Chamatkarik Shri Hanuman Mandir, Jamsavli,


There is the miraculous Shri Hanuman Temple, Jamsavli in Sausar of Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh. Which is known for unique mysteries and greatness. Jamsavli is the most famous Siddha Dham of Chhindwara district.

The miraculous Shri Hanuman Temple, Jam Savli is located in the ancient region of India at the confluence of the Jam River and the Sarpa River in the central region of the Dandakaranya-Satpura Maikal mountain range.

Lord Hanuman is the self-proclaimed Lord in the shadow of the peepal tree of village Savli. There is no evidence of when and who installed the idol of Lord Hanuman. According to belief, Lord Hanuman himself appeared. 100 years ago in the revenue record, there is mention of Shri Mahavir Hanuman under the Peepal tree in the history of the temple.

This is a very special temple present in Chhindwara. The special thing about this temple is that the idol of Hanuman Ji is here in a state of rest. You would not have seen such a temple of Bajrang Bali. There is not such a big statue of Hanuman in sleeping posture anywhere in the whole country. This statue is about 15 feet.

Devotees say that there are many dental stories associated with this temple. According to mythology, Hanuman Ji stayed in Jamsavli during the Ramayana period to rest under the same Peepal tree while bringing Sanjeevani Booti.

Here Hanumanji is in the sleeping posture-

It is a legend that years ago some thieves had come here to steal. He came to know that there is a lot of wealth under this statue. At that time this idol was in a standing condition. The thieves then attempted to move the idol. Meanwhile, to save the contents from theft, the idol of Hanuman Ji lay down. After this no one could move this idol.

Water comes out of the navel-

The water coming out of the navel of the idol of Rambhakt Hanuman Ji is not less than any medicine and miracle. It is believed that anyone who has received the Prasad of water coming out of the navel of God never gets skin-related diseases and gets rid of other diseases also. Many people carry water in a bottle. Water continuously coming out of the navel of the statue is nothing short of medicine and miracle.

Every day hundreds of such people also reach the temple who suffer from some kind of mental illness. Devotees believe that worshiping here gets rid of ghosts and obstacles. Many devotees going through troubles stop here for a quarter of a month and serve Hanuman Ji and chant Shri Ram Naam and Jai Hanuman.

When you reach the temple, first of all, you see the main gate which is very grand. As you go further from here, you see many boards written by Hanuman Chalisa.

The temple is worshiped daily. There is special worship on other festivals including Kartik Purnima, Guru Purnima, Chaitra Purnima, Ramnavami, Hanuman Jayanti, Vaishakh Purnima. Special arrangements are made on Hanuman Jayanti at the miraculous Shri Hanuman Temple, Jamsavli. On this day, more than one lakh devotees visit the miraculous Sri Hanuman temple, Jamsavli for darshan. Bhajan-kirtan and bhandare are organized. There is a fair-like atmosphere here every day. The stay of the family has been arranged by the "Chamatkarik Shri Hanuman Mandir Jam Savli Trust".

Due to the huge popularity of this temple, devotees come here from far and wide. Due to this, there is always a guard as well as a police administration. 

Saffron Chola, Sindoor, oil, coconut, akona flower garland, laddu, jaggery, and gram are offered to the Lord in various forms. Devotees offer water. They ask for a vow. Also, take Jalamrit and Sindoor as prasad.


Aarti in the temple has special significance. Due to the sound produced in the aarti, the devotees get the feeling of happiness and peace. Worshiping Lord Hanuman on Saturday and Tuesday has special significance. Because these days are considered to be special days of worship of Lord Hanuman. Involvement in special rituals also leads to good results. Apart from Tuesday and Saturday, devotees visit on other days of the week also remains constant. Devotees come in large quantities, especially on Sundays and holiday days.

The temple has 2 entrances. One is for men and the other is for women. Hanuman Ji is a Bal Brahmachari, so women worship God from a certain distance. While men are allowed to move a little closer to the idol of Lord Hanuman.

Rebuilding the temple-

Jamsavli Hanuman Temple is being constructed on the lines of Mahakal Temple Ujjain. Some technical modifications have been made on the advice of the architect of the Mahakal temple, who came from Ujjain. This place is being developed like a tourist center. Facilities are being increased by renovating with crores of rupees. There are many small tourist places near the Jamsavli temple which keep the curiosity of the people.

Chamatkarik Shri Hanuman Mandir, Jamsavli, Sausar, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh

You must visit this great place at least once! You can easily come here from Nagpur and Chhindwara. Although devotees from all over the country comes to visit here, but the most devotees from Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra reach here to offer prayers.

There are many shops in the courtyard of the temple, from where you can buy puja items and prasad. Here you will also find a breakfast and tea shop.

Chamatkarik Shri Hanuman Mandir, Jamsavli, Sausar, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh

* By road, the miraculous Shree Hanuman temple Jamasavli can be reached easily and can reach the city of Sausar by rail. One can reach Miracle Shree Hanuman Temple, Jamsavli by bus or taxi after landing at Sausar railway station. The temple is located 8 km from Sausar.

* The place is located 66 km north of Nagpur. It is situated right in the middle of Chhindwara and Nagpur.

* The distance from Chhindwara is 62 kilometers.

* The miraculous Shree Hanuman Temple Jamsavli, is located 149 km from Wardha, 156 km from Amravati, 35 km from Pandhurna, 120 km from Betul, 130 km from Seoni, 188 km from Narsinghpur, 127 km from Bhandara, 206 km from Yavatmal. People can reach from Nagpur or Chhindwara. Taxis and buses are available to visit this place.


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