Ghogra Mahadev Near Chhindwara Madhya Pradesh

 Ghogra Mahadev - Hidden Shiva Temple

Best place to visit between Chhindwara and Nagpur

There is a very ancient temple near Nagpur district in Maharashtra state and near Chhindwara district in Madhya Pradesh state. Which is famous by the name Ghogra Mahadev Temple. This temple is surrounded by rugged ancient rocks. The temple of Lord Mahadev is situated amidst beautiful rocks on the hill. Which is called Ghogra Mahadev. This Ghogra Mahadev temple, built since ancient times, is built on a hill. When you climb up this hill, it fills you with adventure and it seems like a maze. By climbing this mountain, you reach the temple above.

When you reach this place, you see a huge entrance on the side of the road, by entering through this entrance you can climb the mountain and reach the temple above. The photo of the huge entrance is given below.
Ghogra Mahadev Near Chhindwara Madhya PradeshGhogra Mahadev Near Chhindwara Madhya Pradesh

You can go up the mountain by your own vehicle. But you need to be careful in this because it is a winding road and at the same time the vehicles from top to bottom also come back from this route. As soon as you reach the top of this hill, the first thing you see is the main gate. This is where parking has been arranged. There is enough space for parking both two wheeler and four wheeler type of vehicles.

When you go inside through the entrance, the first is the huge courtyard of the temple. On going further from here, you see a beautiful idol of Gau Mata. In a beautiful hut, Gau Mata is seen with her heifer. Which you can also see in the photo below. On the other hand you get to see Guruji's feet. You get blessed by seeing these steps. You see these Charan Padukas in a beautiful hut under a huge tree.
Ghogra Mahadev Near Chhindwara Madhya PradeshGhogra Mahadev Near Chhindwara Madhya Pradesh

On going further from here, you can see the beautiful and huge temple of Ghogra Mahadev. This temple is built in the shape of Shivling. More small Shivlings have been made in this temple. Which is very beautiful and attractive. Inside this temple, Ghogra Mahadev gives darshan to his devotees in the form of Shivling. Nandi Maharaj is seated in front of this temple. It is believed that by speaking in the ear of Nandi Maharaj, whatever the wish reaches the Lord, and it is also fulfilled. Nine goddesses are seen in the temple. Names of Navadurga- Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Mahagauri, Siddhidatri. You get immense peace in this temple.
Ghogra Mahadev Near Chhindwara Madhya Pradesh
Ghogra Mahadev Near Chhindwara Madhya PradeshGhogra Mahadev Near Chhindwara Madhya Pradesh
On going ahead after visiting this temple, the temple of Goddess is seen. Here the Mother Goddess is seated. There are two lion statues at the gate of this temple. A Agni kund has been built in this temple. Along with this, a huge yagya sthal has also been built in this temple. There is also a temple of Hanumanji here. With the darshan of Hanumanji, you experience a new energy.
Ghogra Mahadev Near Chhindwara Madhya PradeshGhogra Mahadev Near Chhindwara Madhya Pradesh
Ghogra Mahadev Near Chhindwara Madhya Pradesh

Here Shankar ji is seated with Parvati Mata and gives darshan to his devotees. Ghogra Fall is also visible from this place. Click here to know about Ghogra Waterfall--

The mind becomes happy seeing the water coming out of Ghogra Waterfall. This place is suitable for photoshoot. When you also come here, you will not be able to stop yourself from doing photography and taking selfies. This can be a wonderful day trip for you near Nagpur and Chhindwara with family members and friends.
Along with the sight of God, nature lovers will find a very good place for picnic and photoshoot as well as peace. There are very beautiful views of nature from this place. Being surrounded by greenery all around, the mind gets a lot of peace here. All the Shailani who come here take selfies, do photography and enjoy a lot here.
Ghogra Mahadev Near Chhindwara Madhya Pradesh
Ghogra Mahadev Near Chhindwara Madhya Pradesh

Anyone who wants inner peace must visit this place. There is a beautiful view here. When you see the stream of the river flowing from here, no one will be able to describe what you will feel. If you are searching for new places then definitely visit this place.
This waterfall is after going from the right side of the main road, 2 km from Jam Savli. Whatever comes to the Jamsavli temple can easily come here. It is very easy to reach here due to being situated on the banks of the highway on the Jam River. Apart from this, at a distance of 7 km from here, there is Ardh Narishwar Jyotirlinga which comes under Mohgaon Haveli Nagar. You can also visit here. Here the ancient temple holds an important place from the tourist point of view. Apart from Madhya Pradesh, tourists from Maharashtra also come here.
It would be better if you come to this place in rainy or cold season. Because then there is also water in Ghogra Waterfall. So you can enjoy both the places to the fullest. You should not go here on any festival or on holidays because more people reach on such days.

Some important things that you have to keep in mind-

No facilities are available up and around the hill. If you come here, then -
Please bring your own food if you do not plan to eat out.
  1. There is a lack of water above. Whenever you come here, you will also have to carry water bottles with you.
  2. Take care of the children. Always keep them with you.
  3. Whenever you go to this place or anywhere, please do not spread dirt on that place, keep that place clean. It is your and all of us's responsibility.
  4. Do not go in summer season. Since it is an open area, we would advise you not to go during the summer days. The rays of the sun will burn you.
  5. You can easily reach this place by your vehicle. This scenic religious place is easily accessible.
We pray that your journey is pleasant and prosperous.

How to reach Ghogra Mahadev-

* Ghogra Mahadev is located on Pandhurna Road, 65 km from the district headquarters Chhindwara, via Sausar.
* Ghogra Mahadev has located 70 km from the district head quarters Nagpur.
* Ghogra Mahadev has located 116 km from Betul.
* Ghogra Mahadev has located 31 km from Padhurna.

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