History of Higher Education (College) in Chhindwara Madhya Pradesh

 Let's know about the Colleges of Chhindwara city

History of Colleges in Chhindwara

The first college was opened in Chhindwara district in 1958. By the way, Western education started in Chhindwara district only in 1861. By 1955, several schools opened in the district. 

The first college for higher education in Chhindwara district started in the year 1958. It started with the subject of Arts and Commerce. In the year 1960, the demand for starting science subjects was made from the government. It is said that in the beginning, operations started in Jagannath School and later in Government School. Which is currently Girls College.
History of Higher Education College in Chhindwara Madhya Pradesh

Previously, the college was run in the Chhindwara district through a committee. The college came under the government on 1 July 1961. In the year 1966-67, it received the status of undergraduate to postgraduate. At that time the only college was in the Chhindwara district, so students from all over the district used to come here to study.

The second college of Chhindwara district was opened in the year 1962 as Panchaveli College in Parasia. Chourai in the year 1966, Junnardeo in 1967, Danielson Degree College in 1970, Sausar in 1970, and College in Pandhurna in 1971.

These were all coed colleges. The only first girls' college in the district came into existence on 29 July 1862. After attaining the postgraduate status, the college was shifted to the building at Dharamtekri, while the Girls College started functioning in the old building. Girls College also started with the Faculty of Arts. Later, Home Science in 1986, Science and Faculty of Commerce started in 1987.
Government (auto) PG The college is located in Chhindwara district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. Established in 1990, the college is affiliated to UGC and is affiliated to Dr. Hari Singh Gaur University. PG College, Chhindwara offers 17 courses arts, science, law, commerce, etc.
Chhindwara is a more developed district in terms of education and opportunities are available here for students in almost all subjects.

Chhindwara University-

Chhindwara University has been established by the state government in the year 2019. It associates colleges in Chhindwara district and other neighboring districts like Betul, Seoni, and Balaghat.

College list in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh for higher education-

* Chhindwara Institute of Medical Sciences

* Government PG College

* Rajmata Scindia Government Girls College

* Danielson Degree College

* Annie Institute of Technology & Research Centre

* Government Polytechnic College

* Footwear Design and Development Institute

* Satpura Law College

* Soni College of Management and Technology

* Indira Priyadarshini College

* S S College of Computer Studies

* Apparel Training & Design Centre

* District Learning Center (DLC),

* NIIT Foundation

* ITC Culinary Skills Training Centre

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