Industrial Area in Chhindwara MP - Lehgadua project

Industrial Area in Chhindwara

Lehgadua project

Industrial Area in Chhindwara MP - Lehgadua  

Lehgadua Industrial Area Chhindwara-

The Lehgadua project, which has been hanging for 4 years, got the green signal in the year 2018. For which an amount of 19 crores 76 lakhs was released, due to which Lehgadua was expanded. After this project, industrial development in Chhindwara district is going to get new dimensions.

There was a shortage of land for setting up new industrial units in Chhindwara district. With the coming of the industrial area of ​​this project in Chhindwara, now many big industries will be able to come to Chhindwara district.

After the expansion of all the facilities, now the process of allotment of land to the industrialists here is going to start.
Now it is expected that soon many big industries will start in Chhindwara district.

With this, unemployed people of Chhindwara district will get employment, if big companies invest, then hundreds of technical unemployed will also get employment. The working class will benefit the most. Along with this, the youth troubled by the problem of employment will also get employment.
Industrial Area in Chhindwara MP - Lehgadua
An area of ​​35 acres has been developed for industrial project in Lehgadua. A huge area of ​​35 acres has been developed so far by the Industrial Central Development Corporation (AKVN), which costs 20 crores to develop. Now this area will soon be given on lease to industrial units. After developing an area of ​​35 acres, an additional proposal of 100 acres has been sent to the state government.

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After the development of Lehgadua Industrial Area Chhindwara, now AKVN has started selling plots here, so that small and big entrepreneurs can start their projects here.

Under the Lehgadua Industrial Project, 35 acres of land has been developed in the first phase. Here facilities like road, water, electricity, drain were expanded for 20 crores. Booking of plots for new industrial units has been started in Lehgadua Industrial Area, but due to the lock down, the process has been delayed.

Garment Project in Lahagadua-

The proposal to build a Garment Park in a Hundred-acre plot of Lehgadua Industrial Area was prepared by the previous Congress government. After the change of government, now the project may get delayed.

After eight months of Lehgadua project development, the government has given green signal to the sale of plots. Now the sale of plots has started here.

Developed an area of ​​35 acres in Lehgarhua-

There is good news about Lehgadua Industrial Area, the government has given permission to industrial units to sell plots here. AKVN has been given the freedom to sell plots to industrial units as per the rules of the government. The Industrial Central Development Corporation had developed a 35-acre 'Lehgadua' area for setting up new industrial units in Chhindwara district. After the development in March, an application was given to the government for permission to sell the plot. But in the meantime, the entire process got delayed due to the lock down in the entire state. Now the government has given green signal to the establishment of new industries here by giving NOC. Now land can be allotted to small units here. The work of the second phase is yet to be done here, whose proposal is also pending with the government.

Entrepreneurs showed interest in Lehgadua industrial area-

In the first phase so far some entrepreneurs have shown interest in setting up industrial units. Entrepreneurs have also applied for plots here by contacting AKVN officials.


Road construction has been done here so that there is no problem in the movement of large vehicles due to transport facilities.


The biggest requirement for industrial development is water, for this new tap coupons have been constructed so that more and more units can come here.

Electrification -

It is the biggest industrial project of Chhindwara district. Big companies will definitely invest here, so the electricity system has also been repaired here. Sub station has been built here. Street lights have also been installed along the road.

In the first phase, many basic facilities were expanded. This is the specialty of this project.

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