Patalkot Valley - Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, India

Patalkot Valley

Patalkot Valley Chhindwara Madhya Pradesh India

    Reasons why Patalkot is famous-

    You will be very happy to know that there is such a place in our own country which is another form of Hades. The name of this mysterious place is Patalkot. It is clear from the name that this place is situated in the depths.

    Patalkot is a beautiful scenic spot in the Chhindwara district. This is a different world. This valley is home to tribal culture and vast herbal wealth. Patalkot is known for maintaining its original culture and customs for a long time. 

    It is clear from the name of Patalkot that this world is inhabited in the depths of the earth. It is said about this valley that the path of Patal Lok is also in this valley. Patalkot is spread over an area of about 89 square kilometers. It is very difficult to reach here. People living here for hundreds of years are still cut off from the modern world.

    There is a total of 12 villages in Patalkot. Bharia and Gond tribals live here. Patalkot is a beautiful valley. There are many such villages in Patalkot, which are still very difficult to reach. Some places here are more than a thousand feet below the ground.

    In many villages, there is light in the afternoon, when the sun is directly above the head. It is also believed that there are many such places here, where the rays of the sun do not reach. It is extremely difficult to reach the valleys of Patalkot. One has to descend several kilometers deep to reach here.

    The shape of Patalkot is in the shape of a horseshoe. The view of the sunset over it is very attractive. No one knew about this world before. A few years back people came to know about this place and people started coming here.

    The people of Patalkot earlier did not even use the plow because they consider the earth as their mother. They believed that ploughing would pierce the mother's chest. They used scabbard (Khurpi). Now that they have come into contact with the outside world, they have also started using plows and farming.

    The Patalkot Valley ranges from 22.24 to 22.29°North and 78.43 to 78.50°East at an average elevation of 2750–3250 feet above mean sea level. The 'Doodhi' river flows in the valley. This valley shaped like a horseshoe is surrounded by hills. There are several routes to reach the villages located inside the valley. Most of the rocks here are of Archean age.

    History of Patalkot-

    The name 'Patalkot' comes from the Sanskrit word "Patal" which means very deep. According to mythology, Meghnad, the eldest son of Ravana, went to Hades from this place after worshiping Lord Shiva. Today this place is known as Patalkot. There was a long tunnel connecting this place with Pachmarhi in the Hoshangabad district. People say that the Bhonsle kings ruled this place in the 18th and 19th centuries. After being defeated by the British army, the Bhonsle king found this place suitable for hiding and went to the forest of Patalkot. Under the huge rock in Patalkot, there is a 100 feet long and 25 feet wide cave, which is called Rajakhoh. It is said that Raja Raghuji of Nagpur had revolted against the policies of the British, but when the British became a threat to him, he took refuge in this cave. Since then it has been named Rajakhoh. 

    There are big trees and wild vines at this place. Traditionally, this site is believed to be the gateway to Hades. This valley was cut off from the outside world for a long time. This was discovered only a few years back.

    Main villages of Patalkot-

    There is a total of 12 villages in the valley. Each of the villages is located at a distance of 2-3 km. The names of the main villages of the valley are Rated, Chimtipur, Gujja Dongri, Sahra Pachgol, Harra-ka-char, Sukhabhand, Dhurni Malni, Jhiram, Palani Geldubba, Ghatling, Gudichatri, Geldubba, Kariyam, Ghana, etc.

    Culture of Patalkot-

    More than two thousand tribes live in these dense hills. Mainly Bharia and Gond constitute the population of Patalkot. They live in twelve villages around the hills. It is said that Bharia has been living here for more than five hundred years. Tribal members perform prayers and rituals every day. The place where they worship is called Deoghar. Tribal men, women, and children wear traditional attire at the time of their celebration. Chulki, Mundri, Binoriya, Toda, Hasli, Kardhauna, Paizan, Mohanmala, Kushmala, Mungiamala, Markadhan Mala, and Patli are the common ornaments worn at this time. Karma dance is performed at the time of marriage and at the time of harvest ripening. The tribals worship Mahadev, Baradeo, Madai, Madami Mai, Dulhadeva, Nandiya, Surjadev, Agiadev as their deities. Nagda, Timki, Shehnai, Chakule, Singa, Tambura, Chikara, Bansuri, Ghungroo, Khadtal, Madar, Dhol, Dahak, and Tudiya are some of the common instruments played during ceremonies and rituals.

    Patalkot Sightseeing-

    Patalkot is surrounded by beautiful hills from all sides. Here you get to see a deep valley. There are many viewpoints in Patalkot. From here you can see the beauty of this place and can see the depth of the valleys. You can also take beautiful pictures of these plaintiffs from these viewpoints. Photographers like this place very much.

    Rated, Karyam, Nachmatipur, the origin of Dudhi and Gayani rivers, and Rajkhoh are the main places of interest in Patalkot.

    Ways to reach Patalkot valley-

    There are five routes to reach Patalkot. Whichever way you go, you will have to walk a few kilometers into the deep valley. Then after a lot of hard work, you will reach this beautiful place like heaven. There is a feeling of infinite peace here. By reaching these villages cut off from the dazzling world, one feels the third world. It is always foggy here.

    Medicinal plants and herbs of Patalkot-

    Patalkot is home to many rare medicinal plants and herbs. The one who treats using these herbs is called Bhumka. These people understand the specialty of each herb. Many deadly diseases are easily treated with the herbs found here.

    Bhumka has medicinal remedies for many diseases like measles, cholera, high blood pressure, back pain, extremity pain, diabetes, cough, snake bite, etc. Many medicinal plants are found here. These mainly include Abrus Pretorius, Aloe vera, Annona squamosa, Bryonia laciniosa, Agal marmelos, Madhuca indica, Ficus racemosa, Holoptalia integrifolia, Lawsonia enermis, Tylophora asthma, Gloriosa superba, Gymnema Sylvester, etc.

    The people of the Bharia tribe who live here, these people collect herbs from medicinal plants from the forests. You will get to see many people here, who are sitting on the road, who give medicinal medicines related to the disease.

    Some medicinal plant species are becoming extinct. They need protection. Due to the herbal remedies of Patalkot and the exposure of plants to the outside world, the environmental balance of the valley is in question. The interest of new generations to learn the traditional skills of Bhumkas is not so much, due to which there is also a danger of their extinction.

    The lifestyle of the people of Patalkot-

    People have been living in this valley of Patalkot since ancient times. Far from modernization, the tribals of Patalkot valley are still adopting their traditional way of living. The people here are settled on high and low valleys amidst dense forests. These tribals depend on forest wealth for the diagnosis of various diseases ranging from daily food and necessities.

    The entire valley is spread over 20000 acres of land but without any commercial intervention. For centuries people have been living with the belief that there are deep secrets in this valley. Some areas here are completely inaccessible.

    There was no information about the people living in this valley earlier. They did not have any kind of facilities. But when the government came to know about this valley, the government has built a road here. Electricity has been arranged here. Anganwadi and schools have been opened here for education. A hospital was opened for medical treatment here. Along with this, work is also being done for the conservation of medicinal plants here. 

    Who is worshiped in Patalkot-

    People living in Patalkot consider Mahadev as their presiding deity. They worship Lord Shiva. Along with this, Nag Dev is also worshipped. Some people told that Meghnath is also worshiped here.

    Tourism in Patalkot-

    For the past few years, the government has been trying to make Patalkot an eco-tourism destination. Monsoon season is a popular time for visitors. Patalkot tourism focuses on the valley, local nature, medicinal plants, beautiful scenery, and tribal culture. There is also a viewpoint here. Photographers like this place very much. It is a very good place for tourism with family and friends. Many people visit this place every year.

    There are spectacular views of nature with forests, hills, rivers, and tree plants. The dense foliage and the surrounding mountains envelop the road so much that even in the afternoon there is a feeling of dusk. At some places, the light ray of the sun falls on the ground. Which gives a different experience here. The roads have become narrow due to being curved at some places. Be careful during the rainy season as it is slippery at this time.

    Here many tribal youths have been trained in adventure activities like parasailing, paragliding, rock climbing, trekking, bird watching, and water sports. Every year in October a festival called Satpura Adventure Sports Festival is organized. People also come here for outdoor adventures like trekking, rock climbing, etc.

    The night of the forest of Patalkot-

    The forest spread far and wide in Patalkot becomes very scary as soon as it gets dark. From the evening time, it starts getting dark in the forest. At night there is absolutely a calm atmosphere in the forest. Due to which the sound of water flowing from the rivers coming at this time and the sound of wild animals seem even more dangerous. This Patalkot forest, which looks beautiful in the sunlight, scares tourists a lot in the dark.

    Where is Patalkot located-

    The mysterious valley of Patalkot is located in Tamia Tehsil of Chhindwara district in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. This deep valley is situated on the way from Chhindwara to Bhopal. You can easily reach this place by your car. You can also come to this place by booking a taxi.

    If you come by train, then you have to come to Chhindwara Railway Station or Pipariya Railway Station. After that, you can come here by booking a taxi. Taxis are easily available to reach this place.

    If you want to come by air then the nearest airport is Nagpur. From Nagpur, you can come by bus or taxi.

    Monsoon is the best time to visit Patalkot. Here in the monsoon, there is greenery all around. This is a very nice place to visit. If you want to live in peace amidst nature, then you can come here.

    There is no accommodation facility in the valley, the nearest accommodation facility is in Tamia or at PWD Guest House. Some private hotels can be booked.

    Patalkot is about 78 km from Chhindwara district headquarter in the North-West direction.
    Patalkot is situated at a distance of 20 km from Tamia in the North-East direction.
    Patalkot is situated at a distance of about 103 km from Pipariya.
    Patalkot is 300 km away from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh.


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