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General Knowledge of Chhindwara

General Knowledge (gk) of Chhindwara-

  1. Chhindwara comes under the Jabalpur division and the Jabalpur division is the largest division of Madhya Pradesh. It consists of 8 districts.
  2. It makes a distinct identity due to its unique tribal culture, geographical location.
  3. It is said that Chhind tree means date palm tree is found in large quantity due to this reason it is named Chhindwara, Wada means Place.
  4. It was also called Sinhwada earlier due to the high number of lions.
  5. It is said that one Ratan Raghuwanshi , who came from Ayodhya and killed the Gaoli chief of this region , founded Chhindwara.
  6. It is also known due to its unique tribal culture and geographical location, in ancient times, the rule of Rashtrakutas, whose capital was Neelkanth Chhindwara.
  7. It is the largest district in terms of Area, which is called the largest district of the state. The area of Chhindwara district is 11815 square kilometers. Forest is second in terms of area.
  8. The Sex ratio of Chhindwara district is 964 means the sex ratio of 964 females per thousand males.
  9. Chindwara's population density 177 per square kilometer means 177 people live in one square kilometer.
  10. According to the 2011 census Chhindwara district has a literacy of 71.2%.
  11. Chhindwara declared a Municipal Corporation in 2015.

Chhindwara is one of the largest towns in the Satpura range. It is on a plateau, surrounded by lush green fields, rivers and by dense forest with diverse flora and fauna.

  • Tehsils of Chhindwara District - 

    1. Chhindwara
    2. Tamia
    3. Parasia
    4. Jamai
    5. Sausar
    6. Pandhurna
    7. Bichua
    8. Amarwara
    9. Chaurai
    10. Umreth
    11. Mohkhed
    12. Harrai
    13. Chand

  • Block development of Chhindwara district - 

    1. Chhindwara
    2. Tamia
    3. Parasia
    4. Jamai
    5. Sausar
    6. Pandhurna
    7. Bichua
    8. Amarwara
    9. Chaurai
    10. Harrai
    11. Mohkhed

Madhya Pradesh has four complexes -

Steel complex
Electronic complex
Leather complex
Agro complex
                     One of these Agro complex is located in Chhindwara. The remaining three complexes are in different districts. Steel complex comes in Sagar district, Electronic complex comes in Indore district, and Leather complex is located in Dewas district.

The Soil of the Chhindwara district dries quickly as gravel soil (water absorbs quickly) is found here.

Cereals -  Fat grain - corn, sorghum, millet, ginger.

Major Rivers of Chhindwara district - 


BainGanga River is also called Pranahita.

Pench National Park -

It was established in 1975 and has been given the status of National Park since 1983. Near the Pench River is the Pench Sanctuary and Pench National Park. In 1992, Tiger Project Madhya Pradesh's second Tiger Project started here.
Pench National Park is located in 2 districts of Madhya Pradesh - Chhindwara and Seoni. Pench National Park is the only national park in the whole of India that is spread across 2 states: Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Its share is 90% in Madhya Pradesh and 10% in Maharashtra. The name of Pench National Park was changed to Indira Priyadarshini Pench National Park in November 2002 Similarly the name of Pench Sanctuary has been changed to Mowgli Pench Sanctuary. Nh7 national highway passes from here.

Pench Thermal - Madhya Pradesh's only private - 210 Mega Watt.
Pench Hydro power - 160 MW, This is a joint project of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, out of which 110 MW is supplied to Madhya Pradesh.

The country's first Spice park in 2009 Was established in Chhindwara district.

The major Minerals found in the Chhindwara district are -


Patalakot of Chhindwara is known for its amazing natural composition because of its great depth. There is a very dense forest here, there is a deep moat from 1000 to 1700 which is naturally formed and thousands of years old. Here the sun rises very late and sunset very early. Here the Bharia and Gond tribes are mostly found, it is called the home of the tribe. Patalakot is horseshoe-shaped.
Bhariya - Their house is called Dhana, their dance is Ahirai, a typical backward tribe of MP, they have been addressed in the 1981 census under the name Jagani.

Gotmar fair held annually on the Jam river in Pandhurna tehsil of Chhindwara district. Gotmar fair famous all over the world.
In this, on the second day of the Pola festival, the people of Pandhurna and Savargaon attack with got each other.

Main tourist places of Chhindwara district -

Anhoni Hot Kund
Machagora Dam

Religious Place of Chhindwara district -

Hinglaj Temple
Chota Mahadev
Pataleshwar Temple
Jama Masjid

Chhindwara (First in Madhya Pradesh) -

Jain Research Philosophy Institute 
Human Development Institute 
Agro Complex

Shri Badal Bhoi Tribal Museum - (1954) It is the largest and oldest museum in Madhya Pradesh.

Industries in Chhindwara - 

Hindustan Unilever Limited (established 1991)
Raymond Group
Western Coalfield Limited

Prominent persons related to Chhindwara -

Anusuiya Uikey (Governor of Chhattisgarh)
Kamal Nath (MLA, Former Chief Minister)
Nakul Nath (Member Of Parliament, Chhindwara M.P.)
Pearl V Puri (TV Star)
Movin (TV Star)
Deepak Acharya (In Patalkot, he researched pharmaceutical herbs).

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