Chhindwara - Itwari Passenger Special Train

Chhindwara Itwari Passenger Special 

Chhindwara Itwari Passenger Special, 08120 - is the only and fastest train between Chhindwara Junction to Itwari Junction. It takes only 05h 22m to complete the journey.
        Narrow-gauge trains used to run between Itwari and Chhindwara. For the last 5 years, the train was closed from Chhindwara to Nagpur due to gauge conversion. Broad gauge work on this route started in 2008. This work was to be completed in 2011. But it took a long time.

Passenger trains started on this route from 22 February after the completion of the Chhindwara-Itwari rail line after 13 years. The first train left from Chhindwara to Itwari station at 12:40 pm. This is the big gift of the Chhindwara district.

The journey from Chhindwara to Itwari will be five and a half hours, then from Itwari to Chhindwara in 4 hours. Last year a train was run between Savner and Bhimalgondi.

For the first time from Chhindwara to Itwari, there was an atmosphere of gaiety about the operation of the train. On the first day, people were vying to capture the historic moment on camera. The joy of the convenience of the train was reflected in the faces of the people. A large number of people reached the Model Railway Station to welcome the train on the first day. Many people traveled from Chhindwara to Itwari to witness this historic day.

With the arrival of trains on this route, many facilities will be increased. Traveling in buses was very expensive and facilities were also not available. Now passengers will get relief from bus travel. On the first day, 250 passengers traveled from Chhindwara in the passenger train.

Train between Chhindwara and Nagpur-

There is only one train between Chhindwara and Nagpur that goes till Itwari. The name of this train is Chhindwara Itwari Passenger Special. There is a demand to run this train till Nagpur.

 A train schedule has been issued by South East Central Railway. According to which the train departed from Itwari station at 7:45 am and reached Chhindwara railway station at 11:45 am in about 4 hours. The same train left Chhindwara station at 12:40 in the afternoon and reached Itwari station at 5:30 pm, traveling in about 4 hours 50 minut.

Train 08119 ITR-CWA Special Pass runs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. That is, this train runs seven days a week.

Train number 08119 Etwari - Chhindwara Passenger Special by Railway Board will leave Itwari at 7:45 am and reach Chhindwara at 11:45 am. Then from Chhindwara to Itwari 08120 / Chhindwara - Itwari Passenger Special will leave at 12:00 and reach Etwari at 17:30.  However, demand has started arising from now on the change of time. 08120/ Chhindwara - Itwari Passenger Special is one of the prominent trains of Indian railways. The train leaves the station on time and reaches the destination station on time.

This train has been started by the Railway Board under the name of Passenger Special Train. According to the railway officials, a 5-digit train and a number starting from 0 are included in the special train. According to this, the fare charged in this train is according to the express train.

Eight coach train-

The train from Chhindwara to Itwari has total 8 bogies. In which about 512 passengers can travel. Apart from the engine, there will be 6 bogies for the passengers and 2 bogies for the guards. A bogie has a seating capacity of 72 passengers. While there will be no sleeper or reservation coach on this train.

Chhindwara Itwari Passenger Special (08120) runs from Chhindwara Junction (CWA) to Itwari (ITR). Chhindwara Itwari Passenger Special train is not a superfast train. It covers a distance of one hundred forty-seven km in four hrs fifty mins. There are twenty-seven halts on the route of Chhindwara Itwari Passenger Special. This train does not have a pantry car. The final chart for 08120 is prepared usually 3-4 hours before the departure time of the train.

The maximum stoppage time of 08120 Chhindwara - Itwari Passenger Special train is 2 mins at Umra Nala, Bhandarkund, Bhimalgondi, Ramkona, Sausar, Lodhikheda, Kelod, Sauner Junction, Patansongi, Khapri Kheda In station.

Chhindwara residents demanded that the train should run from Chhindwara to Nagpur, but this train is running from Chhindwara to Itwari only. Now there is a demand to run it till Nagpur again. Along with this, the demand for change of time of this Chhindwara Itwari train is also being made by the citizens of Chhindwara city. Its time is being spoken by the residents of the city to do it in the morning.

Train No.08120, Chhindwara Itwari Passenger Special

Schedule - Daily
Type - Passenger
Distance - 93 miles / 148 km
Run Time - 4 Hour(s) 45 Mins
Stops - 27
Avg. Speed - 31 kmph

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Address: Seoni Road Chhindwara and Pataleshwar Road, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh 480001, India
Station Code: CWA
Zone: SECR/South East Central
Train Frequency Weekly: Sixty-Seven
Station Traffic: Medium


Address: Itwari Railway Overbridge, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440002, India
Station Name: ITWARI
Station Code: ITR
Zone: SECR/South East Central
Train Frequency Weekly: One Hundred Seventy Five
Station Traffic: High

Train from Chhindwara Junction-

* Panchawali Express between Chhindwara and Indore Junction.
* Patalkot Express between Chhindwara and Dehli Sarai Rohilla.
* Amla Passenger between Chhindwara and Amla.
* Chhindwara-Itwari Passenger Special Train between Chhindwara and Itwari.

Station between Chhindwara to Itwari - 

Timing Schedule of Chhindwara Itwari Passenger Special-

Chhindwara Itwari Passenger Special (ITR-CWA SPL PASS) 08119 train passes through Twenty Seven major stations to reach from CHHINDWARA JN to ITWARI.

No.CodeStationStateArr.Dep.HaltDistance*Day of Arrival
1.CWAChhindwara JunctionMadhya PradeshStarts12:40NAOrigin
2.SKPRSikarpur HaltMadhya Pradesh12:5212:531min9 Km
3.LIGLingaMadhya Pradesh12:5712:581min12 Km
4.BRKHBisapur Kalan HaltMadhya Pradesh13:0713:081min18 Km
5.ULAUmra NalaMadhya Pradesh13:1713:181min24 Km
6.BDKDBhandarkundMadhya Pradesh13:3113:321min34 Km
7.KFPKukra KhapaMadhya Pradesh13:4613:471min44 Km
8.MPMLMohapani MalMadhya Pradesh13:5513:561min48 Km
9.BMCBhimalgondiMadhya Pradesh14:0614:071min53 Km
10.GELAGhadela HaltMadhya Pradesh14:1514:161min57 Km
11.DVHDevi HaltMadhya Pradesh14:2014:211min61 Km
12.RMORamakonaMadhya Pradesh14:3114:321min65 Km
13.SASRSausarMadhya Pradesh14:4114:421min73 Km
14.BDHTBerdi  HaltMadhya Pradesh14:4814:491min80 Km
15.LDELodhikhedaMadhya Pradesh14:5714:581min87 Km
16.PSKParadsinga HaltMadhya Pradesh15:0415:051min91 Km
17.SZHSaonga HaltMadhya Pradesh15:1015:111min94 Km
18.KLODKelodMaharashtra15:1915:201min101 Km
19.SONRSaoner JunctionMaharashtra15:2915:301min111 Km
20.MGVKMalegaon VyenkuMaharashtra15:3515:361min116 Km
21.TKLBTakli BhansaliMaharashtra15:4015:411min119 Km
22.PTSPatansaongiMaharashtra15:4615:471min121 Km
23.PSXPatansaongi Town HaltMaharashtra15:5115:521min123 Km
24.PQAPipla HaltMaharashtra15:5815:591min128 Km
25.KPKDKhapri KhedaMaharashtra16:1116:121min135 Km
26.KRDHKoradihMaharashtra16:1716:181min137 Km
27.ITRItwari JunctionMaharashtra17:30Ends148 Km

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