Subhash Park Chhota Talab in the middle of the city-Chhindwara

 Subhash Park or Chhota Talab Chhindwara

Histoty of Chhota Talab-

Chhota Talab was built by the Gawli king. Earlier it was famous as the Ashwaranal Talab. Then it was used for sports activities and entertainment. Later on, it was done for the daily needs of the people of the city. Stones were brought from the village of Parasgaon Neelkanthi of Chand to create the Chhota Talab. The maximum depth of the Chhota Talab was 14 feet which were further deepened during beautification.

Subhash Park Chhota Talab Chhindwara-

Subhash Park is a beautiful and unique park located in Chhindwara. This park is situated in the middle of the pond. This pond is known as a small pond (Chhota Talab). An idol of Subhash Chandra Ji is installed in this park.

The view of this park is very picturesque due to the pond. There are many types of swings for children in this park. Along with this, some equipment is also installed here for a workout. By using it every day, people keep themselves fit. You will love coming to this park.

This park is beautiful and full of greenery. There are fountains in the pond, which look very beautiful. There is a seating arrangement in the garden. You can sit here and enjoy the view. Fish are raised in the pond. Fishing is also done here. There are also many rabbits in the park which are major centers of attraction. There are many ducks here too. In the park, there are many years old very big trees, in which many birds including pigeons are found, whose voices resonate throughout the park. 

Many people come to visit the park in the morning and evening, many people also bring their children for a walk in the park. Sometimes some groups of the city also organize functions like an open mic in this park.

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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's statue in Subhash Park Chota Talab-

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's statue was installed in Chhindwara city in 1970. 
The statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, the immortal fighter of the Indian freedom struggle, was installed in the year 1970.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's companion, freedom fighter Ramakant Haldulkar, public servant Roopchand Rai and other conscious people including had played a significant role in getting the statue established with public cooperation.

The statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was installed on 15 April 1970 in the park situated in the middle of the (small pond) ChhotaTalab. Since the year 1970, every year Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's birth anniversary celebration is organized grandly at the statue site.

The statue was established with public cooperation. At that time about ninety thousand rupees were spent on the installation of the statue. 

Beautification of Chhota Talab-

This pond has been beautified. In which its depth has been increased. A footpath has been built near thepond. Painting work has also been done. During the beautification, a separate (pool) kund has also been made in this pond. For many years the idols are being immersed in this pond. Ganesh idols and Durga idols are immersed in this kund since its formation. The cleaning of this kund is also done by the Municipal Corporation from time to time.

Here we are sharing some images which have been taken after the beautification
Subhash Park Chhota Talab Chhindwara
Subhash Park Chhota Talab Chhindwara

Subhash Park is located in the center of it. There are many different types of swings for children in the park.
Subhash Park Chhota Talab ChhindwaraSubhash Park Chhota Talab Chhindwara
Subhash Park Chhota Talab Chhindwara
Images of Idol Immersion in Chhota Talab Kund

The Chhota Talab fills up in the rain-

The view of the Chhota Talab located in the center of Chhindwara city is made during the rainy days. Due to heavy rains, where all the rivers and streams come in spate, the Chhota Talab (small pond) along with the dam also gets filled.   It is to be noted that during the rainy days, the Chhota Talab gets filled with water. The water comes out of the pond. A large number of people come to see it.
But due to this water enters the houses and shops of the people living around this area. Due to this, they have to face trouble.


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