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    The world is full of many hidden and untouched places with beautiful landscapes and interesting stories. Tamia is one such place in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh state, India. Tamiya is called a hill station. This place is one of the hidden treasures. Tamia is a Block in Chhindwara District of Madhya Pradesh.

    Tamia is a picturesque place situated on the Satpura ranges. Tamia is one of the scenic areas of Madhya Pradesh. It is a small hill station covered with beautiful landscape, rocks, vast greenery, and deep valleys.

    There are many different and unique places to visit in Tamia. This place takes you on a mystical journey full of nature and adventure. In many interiors of Tamia, beautiful views of mountain springs, rivers, waterfalls, and nature can be seen. 

    Tamia takes travelers closer to nature. It is inevitable to get lost in the mesmerizing beauty of the hills here. An interesting bunch of historical stories, beautiful hill stations with waterfalls, beautiful and mesmerizing views of mountains, dense forests, and nights are everything a traveler needs.

    Sunset point in Tamia-

    The hills of Tamia offer breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset. The Government Dak Bungalow in Tamia is located at an elevation of 3,765 feet (1,148 m) above mean sea level and is surrounded by dense forests. PWD Rest House has a beautiful and spacious valley. A beautiful view of sunrise and sunset can be seen from here. It is a perfect place to enjoy the fullness of beauty. Sunset Point in Tamiya Hill Station is surely a perfect place to experience an incredible moment. Here the sun sets behind the sky, so it seems that it is slowly hiding somewhere under the dense forests. The sunset point in Tamia is the place where one can sit for hours and enjoy the setting sun. No one else can match this experience.
    Tamia Chhindwara MP

    Fog in Tamia-

    When the temperature here goes down, then this place is covered with thick fog. When the clouds descend then enjoy the magical monsoon. The presence of thick fog and the fall of the clouds is very tempting for everyone. Here nature gets drenched in rain. The winter season in Tamia feels like the winter of Kashmir. It is advisable to visit Tamia in this season only.

    With the stunning landscape and picturesque dense forest of the hills of Pench Tiger Reserve, the hills of Tamia can make one's soul feel at peace and new bliss. One who spends some time here is sure to get lost in the mesmerizing beauty of the greenery and hills here.

    This place is full of many beautiful places. The untouched and undiscovered Tamiya is the perfect place to disconnect from the world and experience complete peace. 

    Here we feel refreshed and reconnected with ourselves. This place will make your mind stress-free and calm.

    There are many old and well-maintained houses of the British era on the cliff sides of Tamia. which is very beautiful. Steep hills, some houses on the top of the hill, vast greenery, and panoramic views of deep valleys are seen in Tamia. You can also get to see architecture, local food, and local dance in Tamia.

     Tourist Destinations in Tamia-

    There are also some popular tourist destinations in Tamia. Chhota Mahadev is situated at some distance from Tamia. Here the water falling from the mountains fascinates the mind. There is also a temple of Shankarji at this place.
    You can consider visiting and having fun with some breathtaking outdoor activities in Tamia. This place has a lot for those who want to spend their time amidst nature.

    Tamia Hill Station and everything around it is a wonderful place to visit with your family or friends and experience peace. You can also come to this place if you want to spend time alone. Everyone must visit this place at least once. It is best to visit Tamia for new thrilling experiences and to spend time on vacation.

    If you are fond of photography then this is the best place. You can capture the wonderful views of nature with your camera. Here people can be seen taking selfies and doing photography.

    Hotels in Tamia-

    The hotel offers excellent facilities for parking, food, accommodation. Here you will easily find hotels of every range. There are also good and low-budget hotels. The rest house of the Public Works Department and the guest house of the Forest Department have good accommodation facilities.
    Even after being almost a century old, it is a wonderful feeling to stay in the well-maintained government rest house and see the natural beauty of the Satpura hills. It seems that there is nothing in this world more than nature and hills.

    How to reach Tamiya?-

    Tamia is located in Chhindwara district on the Nagpur-Pachmarhi highway, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. There are private and government bus services to Tamia.

    The distance from Tamia to Pachmarhi is about 58 km, while the distance from Tamia to Patalkot is about 111 kms.
    Distance between Tamia to Chhindwara by Road is- 56 kms

    Travel Time from Tamia to Chhindwara by Road is- 1:14 hrs

    By Road-
    The nearest Bus Station is Chindwara (67 kilometers)

    By Train-

    The nearest railway stations to Tamia are Parasia (45 km), Chhindwara (70 km) and 

    Bhopal (220 km), Nagpur (208 km).

    By Air-
    The nearest airport to Tamia is Nagpur (185 km) and Bhopal (220 km).

    Location- Tamia, Chhindwara
    Pincode-    480559
    Nearest Bus Stand- Tamia
    Nearest Railway Station- Parasiya Junction, Chhindwara Junction
    Longitude- 78.6974
    Latitude-         22.3558
    District-        Chhindwara
    State-        Madhya pradesh
    Country-         India

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